Working Hours Mon to Sat - 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM
24 hours emergency services available for Diabetes Care

Customer Testimonials

Mr. Arun Shah

Best information for diabetic patients.

Mr. Tapaswi Satpanthi

Amazing services!

Mr. Sanjay Gupta

Good knowledge is being shared here, liked it.

Mr. Batukdas Nimavat

Diabetes and hypertension are fatal killers if ignored. Both can be managed with life style changes. The endeavor is highly commendable.

Mr. Jayesh Patel

Nice! Dr. Yash Patel, Dr. Mayur Patel and team of Swasthya Hospital – Congratulations!

Mr. Anil Tyagi

This is a very good hospital. Dr. Mayur Patel is experinced enough to be consulted for diabetic problems. His staff is well trained and supportive.

Ms. Adaora Lynda Obika

I’m glad that this campaign against diabetes is going on. A lot of Nigerians are diabetic & lack access to medical care. I wish Nigerians will benefit from this campaign.

Mr. Umay Kulsum

I am glad that people really think about each other and this is the best way to convey to people who have no idea about such information. Thank you and all the best to everyone.

Mr. Shyam Sunder

Improve your health by eating proper vegetarian diet & exercises like walking. Stay blessed & free from diabetes. Reduce stress, laugh naturally and always stay hopeful, do meditation, yoga etc.

Mr. Suresh Advani

I am glad that somebody is dedicating his life and purpose to Diabetes Prevention, Education, Treatment, Research and Cure. If we can save this planet from Diabetes we can cure almost half of the illnesses that are directly or indirectly associated with Diabetes. I would like to congratulate Dr. Mayur Patel for his foresight and starting a comprehensive program for prevention and…