Do Attend to these items

1. Yoga-abhyas should not be carried out haphazardly like an indisciplined man. Do not imitate like monkeys.

2. Breathing should, throughout Yoga-abhyas, be attentively carried out normally through nostrils.

3. At the end of a set of different Asanas, perform Shavasana or Makarasana which gives relaxation.

4. One should not perform Asana in such a haste that he gets tired. Do not perform Asana if it results in stress and strain.

5. Be a constant observer of the breathing process.

6. Asana should be performed peacefully with ease and without the least tendency of competition of haste.

7. Asana should be performed only when mind is quiet, peaceful, happy and spiritual.

8. Put on clean, light and loose clothes for the practice of Yogasanas.

9. Practise Yogasana on light or empty stomach.

10. If one wants to exercise in the morning, a proper bath taken in the beginning will give extra freshness and one will enjoy exercise.

11. Individual and social discipline means Yama. This in­cludes non-injury, truth, non-stealing, good thoughts, good behaviour and good dealings, non-hoarding. Niyama means internal and external purity, satisfaction, Tapas, self-analysis and surrender to God. This type of practice of Yamas and Niyamas by an aspirant makes life clean and pure and will give him initiation in Yaugic field.