Yoga Advantages

If one ruminates over the word Yoga one can definitely create a feeling that Yoga is a helpful element. One can derive this understanding from the following:

1. Yoga strengthens voluntary and centrally motored muscles, the working capacity increases. Muscles become more efficient and get more endurance power.

2. Along with better working capacity of the body, one has less tension and the capacity to bear high tension increases.

3. Fattiness gets controlled.

4. Heart gets massage.

5. Body and mind remain fresh and healthy.

6. Respiratory system gets strengthened and sensory nerves get balanced.

7. Capacity of the heart to work increases; circulation process of blood gets controlled and heart becomes more alert in performance of its duties.

8. Because of the effect of Asanas and Pranayama, the head as well as the glands giving internal secretion get regular blood supply. This results in better sensitivity between nervous system, muscles, and veins. This results in very good capacity to work as well as dexterity in working of a man who practises Asana, Pranayama and meditation.

9. In the event of bursting of an artery blood-flow gets immediately stopped, capacity of effectiveness of glucose enhances. Body loses fat, cholesterol decreases. One gets the present of a long life and good health without much effort. When you are going to get all these advantages it is very much essential to exercise proper care in observing following points. Yoga-abhyas will result in sufficient amount and proper quantum of gain.