Usually, many patients ask this question to the doctor.

Something worth knowing about alcohol

  1. Alcohol has a very high amount of calorie (7 kcal/gm) and has no nutritional elements.
  2. Drinking alcohol causes increase in blood pressure and fats. Excessive alcohol drinking damages heart, liver and nervous system. Hence, patients with blood pressure, obesity and those with high level of fats in blood should not drink alcohol.
  3. If diabetes is not in control and the body is adversely affected by diabetes, one should not drink.
  4. When you drink alcohol, not more than 5 percent calorie of the total of the daily diet should be obtained from the alcohol. This means not more than about 1½ peg of alcohol or not more than ½ glass of beer (125 ml) should be drunk.
  5. Instead of dinking daily, it is better to limit drinking to just 1-2 days a week.
  6. While drinking opt for whisky, rum or gin. Do not drink sweet wine or beer.
  7. Do not drink under social compulsion.
  8. Do not drink and drive.
  9. While drinking take something like salads as snacks. Taking into consideration calories of salad and alcohol, reduce as much calories from the daily diet.
  10. Drinking alcohol may cause reduction of sugar in blood. Therefore, if you are taking insulin or medicine, take alcohol along with food.


Types of Alcohol Measure Calories
Beer 250 ml 114
Champagne 250 ml 84
Sherry 60 ml 84
Rum 45 ml 105
Gin 45 ml 105
Whiskey 45 ml 105
Vodka 45 ml 105
Brandy 45 ml 125
Todda Sweet 250 ml 150

1 Unit of Alcohol =1 pub measure of sherry or liqueur ½ pint beer 1 standard glass of wine 1 pub measure of spirit


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